Charcoal & Pastel

Welcome to my previous commissions page. Here I have placed the portraits in order of age, the oldest ones at the bottom and the more recent towards the top. When I started out the style was loose and sketchy.   As time has past I have slowly introduced chalk  and buff paper so I can use the chalk to highlight areas, and more recently a gentle infusion of pastels with all the beautiful colour that comes with them. With the pastel I have been able to do more detailed work which I enjoy doing.  Although I started out using Charcoal on white paper I now use pastel on coloured paper , which suits the depth of the colour more readily than white paper.


“Sisters”. Small Pastel on Pastel card. 153mm x 153mm/ 6″ x 6″


“Jean & John”     Pastel on Buff Paper. 280mm x 380mm / 11″ x 15″


“Sam”. Pastel on buff paper. Approximately 355 mm x 457mm or 14″ x 18″ inches.


“Hetty” Charcoal and Pastel Approximately 508mm x 381mm / 20″ x 15″


“Max” Charcoal & Pastel 508mm x 381mm/ 20″ x 15″ Approximately


“Eva.” Charcoal & white Pastel 635mm x 432mm / 25″ x 17″ Approximately.


“Oscar” Charcoal & Pastel. 457mm x 508mm / 18″ x 20″ Approximately.



“Harriet” Charcoal & Pastel. 381mm x 280mm / 15″ x 11″ Approximately.


“Linda” Charcoal & White Pastel. 381mm x 280mm / 15″ x 11″ Approximately.


“Jenny & Andrea” Charcoal & White Pastel. 381mm x280mm / 15″ x 11″ Approximately.


” Grace” Charcoal. 686mm x 483mm / 27″ x 19″.