Working in the studio.


I have always enjoyed a passion and love for art and painting but never received the privilege of any formal training.

I started painting when I was about 4 years old and although my mother was constantly cleaning my work off the walls at home I was unstoppable in my need and desire to share my work with a wider audience. Today, years later, I have undertaken many successful commissions both within the UK and abroad. My work is to be found hospital wards, churches and people’s homes.

“Story time for the toys”. Inspired by an old photo I once found. This was a small painting done in watercolour pencil and measures     6″ x 8″ in size.

My work covers a wide spectrum from large murals in churches, portraits, still life and more recently humorous peep boards and as my Christian faith has developed, Prophetic art,  And I have also illustrated childrens books. I have worked in oils, acrylics, pastels, charcoal, watercolour and gold leaf.

I have a passion for Prophetic Art which comes from my strong faith in Jesus and is central to my life and work. My ministry of Prophetic Art is a direct result of, and inspired by revelation in God’s word, the Holy Spirit and worship. Through this medium God can speak to our hearts bringing encouragement, healing and joy. I also really enjoy painting during worship at church and Christian conferences as form of worship, painting what I feel God is placing in my heart.

Below is a selection of the work I have done in the past, please browse and enjoy.

Noah’s Ark Mural at R.A.F. Marham. This was my first first and largest mural I’ve painted and took a lot longer than I thought it would. It covers the whole room including the ceiling, and measures 20ft long x 10ft wide and  10ft high.




“My Grandmothers Green Kitchen Pot.” This small painting is painted in oils on a linen canvas and measures about 8″ x 12″ in size.

From the children’s book “Spike learns to say sorry” by the Revd Ivan Barley.

I could see this old barn from our dining room window as a child … there is something about derelict buildings that fascinate me, hence the sketch.


This cartoon again was inspired by the cat sanctuary in Cyprus. It originally didn’t have fencing around it so consequently all the cats climbed into your car hoping for a lift home.

This is a portrait I did many years ago . It was a commission. Painted in oils on canvas and measures approximately 11″ x 15″ in size.











This is a large oil on canvas measuring 2ft x 3ft Originally done as a small water colour I then enlarged it on to canvas trying to retain those water colour effects.







Life drawing study 18″ x 40″ approximately.



















Still life, “A few of my favourite Things” This was painted in oils on canvas and measures 10″ x 12″ approximately.

Still life with stones. Painted on board in acrylic. Measures 15″ x 29″ approximately.











A Christmas card design in watercolour.

“Hello Cat” I did a series of these cats inspired by a blind cat I knew from a cat sanctuary in Cyprus. This was my first use of pastels. It measures 15″ x 24″ approximately.

Thanks for browsing.