I have painted a lot more watercolours than what’s represented here…..I just didn’t take any photographs of them. My first water colour was the old sepia one titled “Visiting Grandma” it was taken from an old photo I once found in an old Suffolk Cook Book.

I started out painting scenery, well everyone paints scenery right!!! ….. It wasn’t my first love, but it was practice. I’ve only shown a few here.  I guess I prefer to paint a picture that tells a story, like the tiny picture of a toddler who’s going to tell her toys a story. I have also shown a few still life pictures, these tell a story in a different way,  for me they are my holiday snaps. And instead of coming home from my holidays with photo’s and postcards these are my mementos of things I’ve found on a beach or in other places.

When I lived in Cyprus we lived at R.A.F. Akrotiri  on the south of the island and people were always getting posted in and then out again a few years later with all their memories of the island to take home to England. People started asking me for memento gifts for personnel in their section of work at Akrotiri who was leaving to go home. They would tell me briefly about there lives in Cyprus and the various interests  and any photo they also had….. I would then paint their interests around the outside of the painting and then all the personnel from that section would sign the centre with good will massages and goodbyes. This kept me quite busy while we lived there.




“Visiting Grandma”


“New Stable Cottages”


“The Old Gateway” Cyprus


“Kyrenia” Northern Cyprus


“Old Cypriot Farm House”


Still Life


“Rusty the Cockerel”


“Roman Treasure” 1 Cyprus


“Roman Treasure” 2 Cyprus


“Cypriot Curio’s”


“Limestone” 1 South Shore Flamborough Head.


“Limestone” 2 South Shore, Flamborough Head.


“Limestone” 3 South Shore, Flamborough Head.


“Study of Stones”


“Story Time For The Toys”


Gifts & Portraits





“Family Gathering”


“Gift” 1


“Gift ” 2


“Gift” 3


“Gift” 4


“Gift” 5


“Anniversary Gift”