Peep boards are such fun to have at any event not just at the seaside. I love painting them, and would love to paint more.  My favourite is the Portrait Painter. This was my first to paint and I decided to keep  it.


“The Portrait Painter”


“The Portrait painter”


Detail of “The Portrait Painter”


Detail of “The Portrait Painter”


Just love the expressions on these two, really brings it to life.


Detail of “The Portrait Painter”


“The Beach Hut”


“The Beach Hut”


Details include a spider peeking out from the hole in the steps to the rather nervous poodle keeping his eye on the cheeky crab.


A small chalk board to write messages.


And of course the bucket and spade.


“Draw Your Own Peep Board”


“Draw your own Peep Board” Together with a Seagull eyeing the discarded chips.


The cheeky Seagull.


The discarded chips that seagull has his eye on.


Draw what ever you like ….have some fun and see what you can come up with.


These were used together at a wedding.