It was in life drawing classes that I discovered charcoal and just how wonderful it is.  I still don’t feel as though I’ve got the hang of it yet, but its still very enjoyable. It was also from here I started doing portraiture, but taking longer over it and so the result is a lot more refined than the sketches.

The pencil sketches I did many years ago and some are copies of old photo,s except the old barn which used to stand opposite our home as a child in Redgrave before it was pulled down.


Life Drawing


“Girl on Chair” 1


“Girl on Chair” 2


“Nude Study” 1 ….. 18″ x 40″


“Nude Study” 2


Pencil Sketches


“The Old Weathered Barn” 1977


“Meda’s Cottage” Ulster


“Old Ulster Cottage”



“The Street Redgrave” 1901


“Castle Street Eye” Suffolk 1860


Charcoals of Trees


“Old Tree” 1


“Old Twisted Tree”