Most of these cats and cartoons of cats I created when I was living in Cyprus a few years ago. I used to help out at a local cat sanctuary and was really taken by one particular blind ginger cat called “Popeye,” who had no eyes. He may have been blind but made up for it by having a big personality. The cat cartoons were the actual cats from the sanctuary. They didn’t live in individual pens like they do in the UK, but at the time I lived there they ran free (until fencing was put up a few years later,) and were happy to jump into any visitors cars and go to sleep in those who left their windows open, hence I have titled one of them “Take me home with you.”

The medium I used on the large cat pictures was pastels and gouache paint. These were my first time using pastels. I slowly built up layers to get the lovely rich colour. For the cartoons I used acrylic paint.

Fat Cats.


“Hello Cat”


“Prancing Cat”


“Leaping Cat”


“Cosy Cat”


“Stretch Cat”


“Playful Cat”


The Malcolm Cat Protection Society, Cartoons



“Take me home with you”


“After dinner nap”


“Dinner time ” 1


“Dinner Time” 2

I also painted a few pigs.


“Pigs might fly” 1


“Pigs might fly” 2


“Pigs might fly” 3