“Enveloped In His Glory”


By Angela Ashford

1054mm x 844mm      includes frame.
Mixed media,     Acrylic paint & gold leaf on canvas.

Psalm 63:2    …..”I have seen you in the sanctuary and beheld your Power and your Glory.”

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Enveloped in His Glory

This painting is one that I painted during a worship session.  It represents God’s awesome presence and all consuming Glory that not only surrounds & envelops us but can also bring healing and consumes us like a wonderful fire on the inside.


The Lord brought healing into my own life during this painting  & worship session, as all I kept doing as I was trying to paint was laugh in the spirit, as the joy of the Lord kept welling up from deep within. (Romans 15:13)(Psalm 16:11) (1 Peter 1:8-9)(Psalm 94:19)(Isaiah 35:10) Later after I had finished the painting I asked the Lord what He had been doing in me as I painted…..

He gave me a picture of an overwound old clock spring that was so tight it had gone rusty and couldn’t be unwound by itself. But as I looked at it oil started to be poured over it and as the oil penetrated the rusty spring it started to unwind.  Releasing it back into action.     Then He told me in the same way the areas of my own life that have been damaged by lifes experiences, He was also healing as he poured His oil of healing  on them.

About The Painting Itself.

I had such a great time painting this and wasn’t sure just how it was going to finish.  But  I’m really pleased with the final outcome.  This is a mixed media painting and painted in acrylic and gold leaf on canvas. it has been framed with a simple gloss white frame. I have also had it strung at the back so is ready to hang once you have unwrapped it.   If you have any questions about this painting ….please don’t hesitate in emailing me  and I will do my best in answering you as soon as I can.

The postage on this painting is free within the UK. If how ever you live outside the UK please contact me for a postal quote.