The Commission.

“Enjoying The Moment”

The medium I work in for the Pet Portraits is primarily Acrylic Paint. It is painted onto a deep framed box canvas,  On this I will also extend the painting of the portrait  down the sides and the top & bottom, so when you receive  your portrait you will have the option of hanging it up just as it is or getting it framed yourself. The portrait will also come ready to hang.

The portrait will be based on a good quality detailed photograph. The photographs can be emailed to me so no need to send them by post. Ideally I will require several photographs from which I will pick one that will make a good pose or portrait …. or if you have a favourite then I’m happy to work with that. If however your favourite pose doesn’t have such good detail ….  if you send me others which do show more detail and I can marry them together in the portrait.

several of the dog portraits I have put in the gallery (Previous Pet Portraits,) are pets that are no longer with us and the owners only had perhaps one or two  photographs of their dog…… One such portrait  was the white terrier with his eyes closed, (I couldn’t paint him with his eyes open as I didn’t know what he looked like with them open.) Also the picture this portrait was taken from was a grainy photo copy, so I worked with the owner and it transpired that their dog loved sitting in a sunny spot in the garden. We decided to paint the title of the painting onto the portrait to help explain the painting to any viewer looking at it.

How Much Notice..

I normally require at least two months notice for a commission. This gives me time to complete it and get it vanished etc …. Please note that if you are planning your Pet portrait as a Christmas gift then please allow extra time as this is a busy time of year for me.

Keeping You Up To Date With Emails.

As with my other commissions I will submit by email photo’s to you to show the progress of your pet portrait and a final one on completion for your approval.

Payment Of The Pet Portrait.

I will email you an invoice with a web link to pay by, I will require 50% deposit when your order is confirmed and the remaining amount after your approval on completion. Your Pet Portrait will then be posted free of charge……. If you live locally you are welcome to pick it up from the studio yourself….I’m sure the kettle will be hot and an ample supple of fresh cake available if you’d like to stay for some.

 Other Points to Ponder.

Before I pack your painting I will make sure you will be able to hang it as soon as you open it up.  If however you don’t want this just let me know.

If it is a gift and you wish it to be sent straight to them I am happy to gift wrap it for you and send it off to them. ( I will also need a small message to place in their gift tag.)

If you do live locally and you wish to come around to visit during the painting process please do so you are most welcome. There is always plenty of  tea/fresh coffee and cake in the house. Just let me know when you wish to come.